Robot-5 lightning-fast benefits for your business

Robot-5 lightning-fast benefits for your business
Date Submitted: 10/04/2020 07:53 AM


    The days of hiring expensive outside consultants every time you have to program a robot are over.
    Here's the new reality: Even inexperienced employees can quickly program the UR robotic arm thanks to its patented intuitive 3D display. All the operator needs to do is move the robot arm to the desired coordinates or tap the arrow keys on the easy-to-use touchscreen tablet.


    Even untrained operators are surprised when they install the wings for the first time robot hand UR. Unboxing, assembling the robot, and programming the first simple tasks usually takes less than an hour of work. According to our customer experience, the average time to complete a complete installation is only half a day.


    Today's product installations need to be flexible and fast to meet ever-changing and highly competitive needs. Universal Robots never restricts you; in contrast, our compact UR robotic arms are easy to move and redeploy to new processes, allowing you to automate virtually any manual task, including those with a wide range of very little activity or constant change.


    Universal Robots has been a pioneer in collaborative robotics since the term was born so rest assured that you are in the best of your safety when you choose our robot. More than 80% of the UR robotic arms in operation around the world work side-by-side with humans – without the need for safeguards to shield them. Collaborative robots are always ready to do repetitive and boring tasks for operators.


    If you used to think that automation was always out of reach for your business, it's time to change your mind. The UR collaborative robotic arm delivers an average payback period of 195 days. It's the fastest payback time in the industry – for the simple reason that when applied to process automation, UR collaborative robots don't incur the ancillary costs typically incurred with traditional robots such as manpower and equipment. Outsourced programming fees, special-use working areas in the factory are strictly protected to ensure labor safety.

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