How does the unplanned Downtime impact on Machine Tools?

Problem: Eroding performance and profitability facing of Machines' unplanned downtime.

Loss: Generally accepted the formula of Downtime dollars = tangible Costs + intangible costs.

Get stress with:

Tangible costs:

Loss in staff productivity;

Loss in production of actual goods;

Number of labor hours devoted to rectifying the situation;

Unexpected costs of repairing equipment.

Intangible costs: Damage to reputation due to not fulfilling customer’s expectations.


Parts are expensive;

Poor services from Providers.

How does UniLM enable to help us once Machines broken down?

Because of our servies offered with:

Fastest responding time.

Stock are readiness.

Fixing precisely.

Guarantee: 100% satisfaction or refund.

The Quality ISO 9001: 2015 Compliance.

You can reduce down-time & cut down Maintenance & Repair cost.

Which means that you can save money & secure works.